Kirsten Stewart writes song for Beck Bennett in SNL Promo


Kristen Stewart is preparing a little jingle for Saturday Night Live cast member Beck Bennett in preparation for hosting the latest episode of the NBC series.

After another week-long break, the hit NBC series Saturday Night Live will be returning this week with former Twilight star Kristen Stewart hosting the episode. Apparently this week’s host is preparing a little jingle for Saturday night’s episode.

For this week’s promo, SNL cast member Beck Bennett performed a brief musical number while wearing a fedora and featuring some backup dancers and singing Stewart’s name. Kristen then said that she had been working on a song too, but unfortunately her song didn’t feature a fedora or even Beck’s full name.

Stewart then half jokingly told Bennett that she loved him, causing Beck to get all worked up before he was immediately let down. You can watch the brief promo for this week’s episode of SNL in the YouTube video below.

Stewart will be joined by a musical performance from artist Alessia Cara. At just 20 years old, Cara has quickly become one of the bigger names in pop music thanks to the help of Def Jam Recordings. She has already had two singles in “Here” and “Scars To Your Beautiful” top the U.S. Pop Charts at No. 1.

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Unfortunately for Stewart, her episode of SNL is quickly getting overshadowed by next week’s, which will be hosted by Alec Baldwin. The actor has been playing Donald Trump in a number of sketches this season for SNL, and there are a lot of questions as to what he’ll have in store for next week.