Seth Meyers talks Donald Trump, Neil Gorsuch on A Couple Things


Late Night with Seth Meyers discussed Donald Trump and his Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch on the segment A Couple Things.

Few late night talk shows have picked up as much steam in 2017 as the hit NBC show Late Night with Seth Meyers. As we head into February, Meyers and his staff of writers continue to deliver some strong segments like this one.

Earlier this week, president Donald Trump announced his Supreme Court Justice nominee Neil Gorsuch. The move wasn’t a very controversial one, but the late night shows everywhere had to at least talk about it.

For Wednesday night’s episode of Late Night, Meyers talked about the Gorsuch nomination in the segment “A Couple Things”. He talked about how Gorsuch looks like the generic profile picture silhouette you get on Facebook, as well as how unsurprising Trump’s nomination was given everything else that has happen over the past few months.

You can watch the entire segment from Wednesday night’s episode of Late Night in the YouTube video below.

Although Meyers takes plenty of shots at Trump and Gorsuch, you have to give the Late Night host credit for admitting that at the very least the SCOTUS nominee is qualified for the job, regardless of how you feel about his positions.

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Late night shows across the country are having no problem coming up with jokes about Trump and the events surrounding his presidency. However, Late Night is trying to keep these jokes as fair as possible while still make its audience laugh. Expect the NBC show’s ratings to continue to improve as long as they keep delivering segments like this one.