Jon Stewart reads Trump’s next executive orders


Former Daily Show host Jon Stewart stopped by the set of The Late Show to hang out with fellow colleague Stephen Colbert and talk about Donald Trump.

Any time we get to see former Daily Show host Jon Stewart back in the national spotlight, it’s almost always a treat. It’s even sweeter when we get to see him team back up with an old colleague like Stephen Colbert.

Stewart stopped by the set of The Late Show on Monday night to chat it up with the former Daily Show correspondent and Colbert Report host. He showed up on the set with a dead animal on his head and an absurdly long tie to make fun of Trump’s hair and his tie during the inauguration a couple of weeks ago.

Before Stewart surprised the crowd, Colbert was talking about president Donald Trump’s 20 executive orders in the first 10 days. Stewart showed up and started reading what he “claimed” to be the upcoming executive orders from the president. You can watch the entire segment in the YouTube video below.

The upcoming executive orders were pretty funny, from getting China to send the Great Wall of China to America for the US-Mexico border to making “bulls**t” the official language of the country. His final executive order was that Trump officially declared himself as “exhausting”.

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Of course, Stewart and Colbert had to hug it out after the segment. After all, the two combined to host arguably the greatest hour of television in Comedy Central history back in the day. Hopefully Stewart can stop by the set of The Late Show again sometime in the near future.