Donlald Trump finally gave us the first ‘You’re Fired’ of his presidency


It only took less than two weeks, but President Donald Trump has officially delivered his first “You’re Fired”. The Daily Show with Trevor Noah breaks it down.

It has been a chaotic week after the implementation of Donald Trump’s executive order regarding refugees. While things are relatively starting to settle down, late night talk shows like The Daily Show with Trevor Noah are continuing to take shots at Trump as events unfold.

On Tuesday night’s episode of The Daily Show, Trevor Noah talked about the rollout of Trump’s immigration ban as well as his first firing as president. Earlier this week, Trump fired attorney general Sally Yates after she refused to defend the executive order.

While the decision to fire Yates was a controversial one, Noah was excited about it because it could have been the first opportunity for Trump to say “you’re fired” as president. Unfortunately for Noah, the president sent Yates a letter instead of saying it to her face.

You can watch the entire segment from The Daily Show below, or you can skip ahead to the six-minute mark to when Noah starts talking about Trump’s first firing as president.

The fallout from this executive order has been felt around the country, and a lot of people have criticized Trump and his staff for the way it was rolled out. While the debate itself is serious, Noah and The Daily Show are at least able to provide some comic relief regarding current events.

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Be sure to keep checking back at Last Night On, because late night talk shows aren’t going to stop making jokes about Trump any time soon.