Corey Hawkins is rooting for Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI

Courtesy: NBC
Courtesy: NBC /

Corey Hawkins reveals to Seth Meyers on his show Late Night, that he wants the Atlanta Falcons to win Super Bowl 50.

After filming his new show 24: Legacy in Atlanta, Hawkins has a close connection with Atlanta and is hoping for the Falcons to win. Hawkins is rooting for Atlanta not only because he filmed there, but he got to see the last game the Falcons played at the Georgia Dome.

Although he would like to see the Falcons win, Hawkins doesn’t want the Patriots to get crushed. If there is a big loss from one of the teams, that has the potential to run the broadcast late, which could interfere with 24: Legacy.

The network has decided to air his new show after the Super Bowl, which has the potential to give it really big ratings. Hawkins is hoping for a close game, but still wants to watch the Falcons win. In the hopes that a close game will keep people’s attention after, Hawkins is excited for the premiere of 24: Legacy.

Hawks will be attending this year’s Super Bowl for the first time with his grandfather, who is also a big football fan. After the game Hawkins will head back to watch the first episode of his show. After the premiere of his show after the Super Bowl, look for Hawkins next in Kong: Skull Island in March.

If you want to see the whole interview with Corey Hawkins on Late Night with Seth Meyers, the YouTube link is below.

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