The Walking Dead Season 7: Who is the new character Rick is talking to?

Credit: AMC/Gene Page
Credit: AMC/Gene Page /

The Walking Dead has released a first-look at the midseason premiere of Season 7, but everyone is buzzing about who the new character might be.

We are mere weeks away from the midseason premiere of The Walking Dead. To get fans even more hyped, Entertainment Weekly has gifted us with a first look at what is to come, and it’s ominous as ever.

The photo, which is an exclusive to EW, shows Rick at a junkyard speaking to a group of survivors we haven’t yet seen before — or have we? Entertainment Weekly speculated that it could be the mysterious booted spy we saw at the end of the midseason finale.

It’s also possible that we have seen this character before, at the Oceanside Community. That would make the most sense, as it’s a community that was touched on for one episode but discarded for the rest of Season 7A — a peculiar choice. Everything we saw inside Oceanside seemed to suggest that the fight against Negan was one those survivors shared an interest in, albeit a tad more aggressively than Rick and the gang.

Either way, it seems most likely that this character will be revealed as the booted spy we saw in the post-credits scene of the midseason finale. Of course we know who the character is already, so if you don’t want the identity of this character spoiled, then stop here and wait for the midseason premiere.

Alright, you’ve been warned. Speculation be damned — kind of.

"It’s a new group that is being called the “Garbage Pail Kids”. They were the ones spying on Rick and Aaron at the lake and with the binoculars watching Alexandria. They appear to be a friendly group that helps with the All Out War against Negan and The Saviors."

While this answers the question of who the group of new characters are, it doesn’t totally answer how they will factor into things. Will they help Rick and the group be successful or will they end up being victims of the massive battle that awaits us all?

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We will likely get more answers when The Walking Dead returns to AMC on Feb. 12th. Until then, speculation is the name of the game.