30 things we need to see in The Walking Dead Season 7B

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Talking Dead – Courtesy of AMC /

25. More interesting installments of Talking Dead

Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick has a hell of a gig, doesn’t he? The first thing fans of The Walking Dead see every week after the show concludes is Hardwick’s face. Although labeled an after-show special, Talking Dead is basically therapy for the people watching the main series. No matter what horrible things might happen in an episode, Chris Hardwick is always there to talk us through it.

Maybe it’s just me, though, but Talking Dead hasn’t been as compelling as it has in years past. It could be a lack of top notch or interesting guests. Maybe the content hasn’t been as solid and they’re just going through the motions. In any case, the show hasn’t felt as “must see” as it used to in seasons prior.

But I believe there is hope for restoring Talking Dead. Perhaps bring on some more celebrity guests who are superfans of the show. Or bring in some former cast members to offer current thoughts on the series. Whatever the blueprint may be, here’s hoping the next season of Talking Dead gets closer back to what it once was. I definitely don’t want to see our The Walking Dead therapy show go away.