30 things we need to see in The Walking Dead Season 7B

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17. Rick and Michonne’s adventures together

Glenn and Maggie are no more, while Carl and Enid might be becoming something. But these aren’t the only key relationships on this series. The romance between Rick Grimes and Michonne, dubbed “Richonne” by fans, is another interesting one. Two of the show’s strongest warriors together as one? It would seem like nothing could stop them.

This is something that’s a real treat for comic readers. This is something that never did happen in the comics. Rick does find love after Lori and Jessie, but not with Michonne. So this relationship is totally original to the show, and I’m all for having unpredictable differences. It gives the writers creative freedom to take their relationship wherever they want.

Despite their similarities, Rick and Michonne weren’t on the same page in Season 7B. Michonne couldn’t stomach following Negan’s orders, while Rick disagreed. Maybe it was to “keep everyone alive”, but Rick found it best to simply work for Negan from then on. By the mid-season finale, though, Michonne helped talk Rick into finding his old self again.

This creates an interesting dynamic going ahead. Now that Rick and Michonne are back on the same page, it’s going to be compelling seeing how they come together to stop Negan.