30 things we need to see in The Walking Dead Season 7B

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19. Zombies to remain a serious threat for the survivors

One group that we might have lost sight of in Season 7B of The Walking Dead are the zombies themselves. With scary people like Negan and Simon flexing their control over the communities, they have all the focus. And I’m not saying the survivors shouldn’t be doing all they could to plan an uprising to escape Negan’s rule.

But I don’t want the show to forget about what made it famous— the zombies. If Negan and the Saviors get too much of the focus, the walkers become an afterthought. But the undead are just as much of a threat as they have always been. So perhaps we should be given some terrifying zombie moments in the coming episodes to reinforce that very notion.

With more zombies, however, comes more zombie killing. That’s always a satisfying pay-off to any particular run-in with the undead. And these two things go hand in hand. It’s nice to get the zombie horror, which was why some of us started watching in the first place. But it’s just as great to see someone like Michonne lopping their heads off. That is definitely just as much of a big part of the fun.