Donald Trump responds to SNL’s Pee Party cold open

Credit: SNL/NBC
Credit: SNL/NBC /

Donald J. Trump, who will be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States this week, has clapped back at a sketch comedy show.

Saturday Night Live returned this weekend and jumped right back into the Donald Trump troll arena. The cold open covered Trump’s mudslinging press conference this past week where he threw a tantrum like a child going through sugar withdrawals.

A major focus of the late night circuit this week has been continued reports — verified and unverified — of Trump’s ties to Russia. The unverified report is so much better than the confirmed ones, as it centers on dirt the Kremlin has on Trump that involves hookers urinating on him.

It’s a joke that writes itself, a golden opportunity to shower jokes about Trump all over the place. SNL took the bait and rolled with a cold open that stuck its landing. Well, it stuck with everyone except Trump.

Needless to say, the future leader of the free world fell right into the trap and clapped back like the tool he is:

It’s pretty unreal when someone gets trolled on Saturday Night Live and then immediately go on Twitter to see what they have to say about it. It’s an out of body experience when that person is the next President of the United States. That’s the world we live in though, where our president is so thin skinned that he has to clap back like a mopey teenager to feel some sort of self purpose.

This response actually came after someone spoke for Trump before he could speak for himself. Trump’s future White House press secretary released a statement on behalf of the President-elect.

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So get ready for four years of that, America. Not only will Trump burp up all over himself on social media when he gets trolled, but we’re going to have to hear him complain about it twice.