SNL trolls Donald Trump over Russian hooker scandal (Video)


Saturday Night Live opened once again with another sketch about Donald Trump, featuring Alec Baldwin returning as the president elect.

It has been a weird week regarding the news surrounding president elect Donald Trump. Of course, Saturday Night Live had to talk about the crazy press conference that occurred earlier in the week.

The cold open for Saturday’s latest episode of SNL featured Alec Baldwin returning to play the president elect to reenact the press conference that Trump held earlier this week. Because of the insane rumors surrounding Trump, SNL had to make a ton of jokes about the unverified reports that president elect paid Russian prostitutes to perform golden showers on a bed. Baldwin delivered a ton of pee-related puns, because of course they did.

However, the cold open didn’t only take shots at the golden shower scandal. The sketch also made jokes about Trump’s decision to have Steve Harvey to help with his transition team. They also made jokes about Russia hacking the presidential election while featuring another special appearance from Vladimir Putin.

It was a strong opening sketch for the first episode of SNL in 2017. It was a great way to help set the state for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story star Felicity Jones as she prepared to host the NBC series for the first time with Sturgill Simpson accompanying her as the musical guest.

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As for the president elect, I’m sure he won’t be a very big fan of the latest cold open featuring Baldwin.