You need to binge watch these 13 spooky shows on Netflix

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The Twilight Zone

Year: 1959-1964
Plot: An anthology series about the dangers of technology, the wonders of space travel and the pitfalls of the human soul.
Starring: Rod Serling

Why Is It Scary: Classic doesn’t even begin to describe The Twilight Zone and what it has meant to horror on television. This is where it all started, as you don’t have anthology series like ‘Alfred Hitchcock Presents’ or ‘Black Mirror’ without Twilight Zone. The episodes ranged from warning about overuse of technology (in the 1960s, no less) to Sci-Fi allegories about the Cold War. It’s must-see for anyone who considers themselves a fan of horror.

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Year: 2015-present
Plot: A YouTube videos that goes viral ends up leading to drama for high school students in Lakewood. The drama soon turns to murder and suddenly everyone is a suspect.
Starring: Willa Fitzgerald, Bex Taylor-Klaus, John Karna

Why Is It Scary: It’s a revival of a reboot, which is almost fitting considering how perfectly that fits into the meta space Scream has always lived in. Rather than continue producing movies that are updated to reflect the latest technology, the show has gone full meta and adapted itself from a film — and that’s just the surface of how insane the Scream series is. It’s popcorn television at its finest and a great way to kill an afternoon while watching an update to a classic.

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