James Corden sings ‘Dust in the Wind’ with Jim Parsons


Late Late Show host James Corden recreated the music video to the iconic song “Dust in the Wind” by Kansas alongside Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons.

Music has been a key staple to The Late Late Show’s success over the past couple of years, in large part thanks to James Corden. The show’s host is a fan of all kinds of music, including some classic throwbacks.

On Tuesday’s episode of The Late Late Show, Corden was joined by The Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons, who plays Sheldon Cooper in the show. Parsons has become a big name ever since the show first came out, and since The Big Bang Theory is a CBS series, it only made sense for him to come on The Late Late Show.

While Parsons was on, Corden and the actor who plays Sheldon decided to reenact the classic music video for “Dust In the Wind” by Kansas. You can watch their entire version of the music video courtesy of the show’s YouTube channel below.

The Late Late Show did a fantastic job of recreating the “Dust in the Wind” video while still adding their own comedic twist. As the video progresses, Corden’s outfit continues to get more and more ridiculous while Parson’s massive hair and beard somehow keep getting bigger until they both eventually fade away and leave these things behind.

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Segments like Carpool Karaoke and Drop the Mic have turned The Late Late Show into one of the best late night talk shows on television. As long as Corden and his love of music are on the show, 2017 could be a huge year for the show.