30 most shocking South Park moments ever

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25. The Super Best Friends fight David Blaine

The Season 5 episode “Super Best Friends” manages to offend many religions at once, including Scientology and Christianity. Famous magician David Blaine forms his own religion he calls Blaintology, planning a mass suicide. To stop him, Jesus Christ teams up with his “super best friends”, a parody of the Super Friends.

This dream team includes Buddha, Moses, Muhammad, Joseph Smith, and even someone called Sea Man. Using their own unique superpowers, the Super Best Friends fight David Blaine head on. They all manage to save the day and fly away into the sky. In the closing moments of the show, Stan suggests that any religion which forces believers to give up their money or self-control are really just cults.

While fans of the show voted “Super Best Friends” the best episode of Season 5, you won’t see it in syndication. Its depiction of Muhammad didn’t stir much controversy when the episode first aired, but that wouldn’t last forever. After the episode “201” did stir the pot with that portrayal of Muhammad, Comedy Central pulled “Super Best Friends” from streaming and syndication. Along with “200” and “201”, “Super Best Friends” is the only South Park episode unavailable on Hulu and the streaming site South Park Studios.