No, The Daily Show won’t be cancelled


No, The Daily Show will not be cancelled by Comedy Central.

There has been a late night shakeup at Comedy Central, with Larry Willmore’s Nightly Show getting canned after just 21-months on the air. While the show wasn’t the most popular on late night, it has fans worried about the fate of another Comedy Central show that hasn’t really caught on the way it should have by now.

With news that Comedy Central has pulled the plug on The Nightly Show, the followup to The Daily Show, it has been opined that the latter show could be the next on the chopping block. It’s fair to imagine that this could be a possibility but let’s not start going crazy with thinking shows are going to get canned.

It’s very possible that there is a change to be made in the near future at Daily Show but a cancellation is not in the cards. If you think about Comedy Central’s most valuable properties and their most well known shows, it’s South Park and The Daily Show.

Seeing Nightly Show get axed is a little sad but it’s not like we were watching a pillar of the network get thrown out of the window because ratings weren’t where they needed to be. The Daily Show might not last forever but Comedy Central isn’t going to bail on one of their most storied franchises just because things are going rough right now.

That would have been like NBC deciding to cancel Saturday Night Live after that rough patch the show had in the ’80s. God knows that if Fox can stand by The Simpsons after the cliff that show fell of off, Coemy Central is going to stand by The Daily Show despite the rough transition from Stewart to Noah.

If anything is going to happen to The Daily Show, it’s going to be a change at the top and even that won’t happen quickly. If Trevor Noah is ousted as host of The Daily Show, it’s not going to happen until at least 2017 and it’s going to start with his writing staff getting replaced.

Once that starts to happen, it’s game over for Noah but he’s on the chopping block well before the show itself is. No one at Comedy Central is even remotely thinking about canceling The Daily Show and if they are then they’re out of touch.

The show is an institution not only in the political satire field but at the network as whole. If there was a time to kill The Daily Show, it was when Stewart left but even he wasn’t bigger than the show.

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So while it’s an uncertain time at Comedy Central right now, The Daily Show isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.