The Eric Andre Show nudity causes rapper T.I. to walk off set


T.I. freaks out on The Eric Andre Show after being exposed to one too many penises.

Eric Andre has never shied away from male nudity, appearing in the buff in the opening credits of his self-titled parody of a low-budget, cable access late-night talk show — The Eric Andre Show on Adult Show — as he destroys his own set. During each episode, the comedian pranks not only unsuspecting passersby during man of the street segments, but also his in-studio guests, as his sidekick Hannibal Buress stands by looking unamused. His latest victim in the show’s season premiere was rapper, actor and reality star T.I., who was baited with both a prosthetic and real-life penis, before angrily walking off the set.

In the first part of the interview, Andre suddenly pulls a fake penis through his desk after mentioning that he’s taking boner pills, and then begins to masturbate. “Make eye contact with me, or I can’t come,” he says, as T.I. looks away. A zombie-like monster then bursts through the floor, but quickly gets a swift kick in the face from T.I.

In the second portion, a figure wearing all orange named “Kraft Punk” sneaks up behind the rapper while carrying pieces of cheese, before quickly being thrown out by Buress. “Kraft Punk, get out of here!” he shouts.

But the final straw comes when a man who’s naked from the waist down emerges from backstage to stand next to Andre’s desk. An upset T.I. finally decides to walk off and knocks over a statue on the way out, as the host questions whether he’s a fan of Thai or T.I. food.

“I’m gone. I’m out this bitch.” he responds.

Watch the clip below:

According to Complex, Andre recently revealed that T.I. and The Hills‘ Lauren Conrad were the only two guests to walk off and be the most upset by the end of the show.

“[T.I.] walked out two or three times during the interview and I had to keep seducing him back into [it],” he explained, adding that he had to keep telling him “we’re almost done,” to get him to stay, though filming actually takes an hour and a half for about three or four minutes of footage, a process he calls “torturous” for all parties involved.

The episode also featured an interview with Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller, who kept her composure despite Andre’s strange antics and probing questions about her well-documented financial and legal issues. The premiere concluded with a Human Centipede-style performance by American Authors.

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The Eric Andre Show airs Fridays at midnight on Adult Swim. Upcoming guests include Clueless actress Stacey Dash, Jack McBrayer (30 Rock), Howie Mandel, Basketball Wives‘ Malaysia Pargo, Tichina Arnold of Martin fame and Sopranos alum Steve Schirripa, along with performances by ASAP Rocky, Danny Brown, Flying Lotus, Go Dreamer, and Ariel Pink. Andre can also be seen for four nights this fall at the New York Comedy Festival, which just announced its lineup of headliners and performers.