Seth Rogen tells Jimmy Fallon why he dislikes Jerry Seinfeld


Seth Rogen remains angry at Jerry Seinfeld for causing his “most comedically traumatizing experience” ever.

One of the things up-and-coming comedians fear the most is having to follow a set from a comic that just killed, setting the audience’s expectations way too high, especially when it comes from a stand-up superstar who unexpectedly drops in. That’s exactly what happened to a 14-year-old Seth Rogen when he had to perform after Jerry Seinfeld while auditioning for Montreal’s Just For Laughs Festival, which he is clearly still bitter about as he recalled during an appearance on Friday’s episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where he once again had to follow the comedian.

The Canadian actor explained that he had to fly to Los Angeles to audition for the festival at the Hollywood Improv. Once he arrived, he was told that Seinfeld would soon be arriving to perform, and that he would be bumped if he got there before he was set to go on stage, which Rogen initially pushed back on, but he learned that he had no choice. As the Sausage Party star recounted, Seinfeld would later arrive in a fancy Porsche.

“I see him getting out, and he goes up right before I’m supposed to and he annihilates,” Rogen said, adding that he was performing all “the hits” like his bits on airplane food and missing socks.

He continued, “And the whole time I’m just standing there like, I hate you Jerry Seinfeld. How could you do this to me?”

After Seinfeld’s set, Rogen went on stage and had what he described as his “most comedically traumatizing experience of my entire life.” It involved him getting such a silent reception from the crowd that he could hear the buzz from the microphone.

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“And to this day, I personally dislike Jerry Seinfeld,” he laughed, while Jimmy Fallon noted that “he did it again tonight.”

“He’s ruining it again!” Rogen shouted.

The Tonight Show host revealed that he had a similar experience when he also had to follow Seinfeld at the Improv. “I think he’s making us tougher,” Fallon posited, but Rogen wasn’t buying it.

“I think he finds out something cool we’re about to do and then does it first,” he replied. “I’m going to see him leaving my wife’s bedroom one day. Don’t bother pal. I took care of that.”

Watch the clip below:

In the next segment, Rogen and Fallon faced off in an epic Lip Sync Battle where the comedic actor channeled his fellow Canadian Drake for “Hotline Bling,” while the host chose the hip-hop classic “Slam” by Onyx.

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