James Corden responds to Orlando Bloom’s penis


James Corden was on top of Orlando Bloom’s penis before we even knew it was trending. 

If you ever have found yourself doubting that James Corden is the best thing on late night, then you’ve clearly never actually watched late night television.

Aside from the rumors that Corden is chasing Stephen Colbert for his time slot on Late Show, Corden has managed to figure out the late night landscape and hang with the heavy hitters who are on a half-hour before him.

He does this by mastering the viral trends before they even happen. The latest example: Orlando Bloom’s penis.

As you probably know by now, Bloom and his girlfriend Katy Perry went paddle boarding while on vacation and Bloom decided to drop trou and achieve this activity in the nude.

Corden and the Late Late Show reacted to Orlando Bloom’s penis trending before it was even really a thing.

This is why Corden is the best. Check that time stamp, it’s from eons ago in terms of viral timespan.

Most of use were waking up this morning, groggy eyed and stumbling to the Keurig, only to happen upon Orlando Bloom’s giant penis trending. What did we see when we did a Twitter search for it?

Not Orlando Bloom’s penis but James Corden admiring Orlando Bloom’s penis.

Here is a guy that knows he’s the best at his job, even when he’s not on, and knows he can nail it. Not only that, but if we want to get super technical then this is further proof of just how firmly Corden and his crew have their finger on the pulse of viral trends.

James Corden, keep being the best.

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