30 most scorching Jon Stewart takedowns of Republicans

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9. Stewart pits President Bush against himself

Many politicians on both sides of the spectrum are known for flip flopping when it comes to the issues, based on whatever they feel the voters in front of them want to hear at that current point in time. But one of the worst offenders of them all has to be former president George W. Bush, who sang a lot of different tunes as the president compared to when he was still in the running for the position as the governor of Texas.

Using footage of Governor Bush side by side with footage of President Bush, Stewart moderated a “debate” between the two of them, with each giving very different answers to particular questions. It’s a hilarious way of exposing the hypocrisy of one of the most controversial Republicans of them all, and the funniest part which sums up the whole thing is when Stewart brings up the Iraq war by asking:

“You’re as familiar with the governor’s record in Texas as anybody. Are you willing, Mr. President, to trust Governor Bush with our foreign policy?”

When President Bush responds by saying he’s not willing to take that chance, Stewart reiterates that these are “strong words from two very different men”.

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