Best SNL cast member from each state

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Aidy Bryant on SNL (NBC)
Aidy Bryant on SNL (NBC) /

Aidy Bryant (Arizona)

We kick off our list with a current cast member of SNL. The talented Aidy Bryant, currently seen on the program, got her start in life in Arizona, where she first gained an interest in performing during middle school. Supportive of her creative endeavors, her parents took her to improv workshops at the Arizona Jewish Theatre Company (which is no longer around). It was when she decided to further her education and career in the comedy world when she finally left the state.

After graduating from Columbia College in Chicago, Bryant performed for various improv groups. After only a couple years, that led her to getting a spot in the main cast of Saturday Night Live in 2012. Quickly becoming a fan favorite, Bryant remains on the series to this day, nailing every performance she’s been asked to deliver on-screen.

While Bryant has taken on various celebrity impressions (notably her hilarious take on Adele), she is probably best known for some of her recurring characters. These would jealous Gilfriends Talk Show co-host Morgan, Tinker Bell’s half-sister Tonker Bell, and Lil’ Baby Aidy, a satirized version of herself seen in the all-female music videos on the show.

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