Every Saturday Night Live sports host, ranked

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20. Eli Manning

No one rides the success of the team around him quite like Eli Manning does, in football and in SNL. The New York Giant’s quarterback hosted SNL in Season 37, and promptly went with a bunch of little brother jokes that just don’t stack up to Peyton’s.

In a carbon copy of Peyton’s classic United Way skit, Eli pumped out this “Eli Manning and the Little Brother’s Program” skit with 100% more little brother angst. Nothing was good about the yawn fest the younger Manning dealt out in 2012. In an Occupy Wall Street skit, Eli just says “yeah” and says some vague words about the banks as he continually puts on that face that says “Mom, Peyton took my Power Rangers again”.

In another skit, Eli, the ever-flexible actor, puts on a face that screams, “Why did Buddy have to go out to a ranch to play with other dogs? Is he alright? Will we ever see him again?”. If this was an audition for the role of one of the kids in Marley and Me, Eli would win for sure.

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