Every Saturday Night Live sports host, ranked

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19. Tom Brady

The vocal quarterback of the New England Patriots jumped on SNL Season 30 to do a few jokes about how much better he is than everyone else. Brady definitely wasn’t the worst SNL sports host ever, he’s sort of funny, especially when he’s being ridiculous, like in the skit “Tom Brady’s Falafel City”.

Wait, what’s this? Derek Jeter did the exact same thing like four years earlier? Dude, come on. Brady does redeem himself with this hilariously awkward montage of Broadway singing and uncle at a wedding dance moves, but the entire performance was brought down by this one unoriginal skit.

Without it, Tom Brady would rank much higher. Since we’re in the business of actually dealing justice (unlike the NFL with Tom Brady’s deflated footballs), he’s in the bottom half of this list.

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