Every Saturday Night Live sports host, ranked

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18. George Steinbrenner

Steinbrenner found himself at the butt of many jokes on SNL before joining the show as a host in Season 16. He poked fun at the “good ol’ boys” of sports and the dismissal of female sportswriters, he lampooned Slim-Fast and dictators, and he fights a friend over paying the bill.

Steinbrenner had some good jokes at his own expense, which was quickly becoming a trend in SNL hosts. He just didn’t seem that into it. All in all, it was a solid show, but not groundbreaking. Steinbrenner didn’t do anything too terribly funny or ridiculous besides take his pants off.

While he was able to laugh at himself a little bit, it seemed like there were a couple of punches that were pulled. If you’re going to laugh at yourself, you do it all out or not at all.

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