Jimmy Fallon feeds Dwayne Johnson candy on Tonight Show


Dwayne Johnson eats candy for the first time since 1989 during an interview with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson maintains his muscular physique by following a strict diet devoid of sugary foods, but the Central Intelligence star decided to break his over 20-year-long candy ban after being tempted by Jimmy Fallon during Thursday’s Tonight Show.

Johnson admitted that the last candy he ate was a Twizzler 27 years ago while at a movie theater, adding that he just wasn’t a big candy guy. Fallon then took out an extra long package of Twizzlers, and asked the wrestler-turned-actor whether he wanted to make history by ending his ban on candy. He also had a bevy of other sweet treats, including Ring Pops, a Nerd Rope and one long gummy worm, which Johnson swung around suggestively while licking his lips.

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Fallon passed on feeding him the massive gummy worm — which he joked used to be his stripper name — opting instead to each eat a small amount of Pop Rocks. The host eventually poured them in Johnson’s mouth, holding the mic close to his face so the audience could hear the fizzing sound the carbonated candy gives off when it dissolves, and proceeded to do the same to himself.

The duo awkwardly laughed after Fallon instructed Johnson to close his eyes for the event. “I’m guaranteeing you, I’m not going to put the gummy worm in your mouth,” he pledged, later adding that the shorter, thinner Twizzler “looks more familiar.”

“How’s that feel?” the comedian asked after feeding Johnson the Pop Rocks. “So this is what candy tastes like! Wow, it’s amazing.” he responded.

Watch the entire clip below:

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In an earlier skit, the pair played awkward prom goers who said “ermahgerd!” every time they attempted to ask a girl to dance without much success, eventually coming to the realization that they could still have fun dancing with each other.

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