SNL skit parodies Survivor in Russell Crowe episode


A contestant on a Survivor-like show is visited by the creepy friend of his uncle played by Russell Crowe in an SNL skit

SNL spoofed Survivor by staging its own version of the long-running reality series, titled “100 Days in the Jungle,” which featured the three remaining contestants getting visits from one of their loved ones from back home. Unfortunately for young Nathan (Pete Davidson), none of his friends or family members were able to make it, so instead he’s joined by his uncle’s friend Terry, played by a mulleted Russell Crowe.

A Jeff Probst lookalike (played by Beck Bennett) begins by introducing one of the other castaway’s wife of 15 years and the mother of a female contestant, before forcing Nathan to interact with a man he barely knows who used to live in a tent in his uncle’s backyard. The other contestants become visibly emotional at the sight of their loved ones, while Nathan questions why neither his parents, seven siblings nor his girlfriend of three years were able to make it.

The host then brings out a TV screen where the contestants are able to view messages from more of their loved ones from back home. One participant gets to see his two kids, while another gets a greeting from her dad and her dog, but Nathan is subjected to a teary-eyed message from Terry’s regretful and suicidal girlfriend (Leslie Jones).

Finally, the host reveals that the loved ones will be required to compete on their behalf in a reward challenge. The other two contestants express confidence in their loved ones’ abilities, while all Nathan can muster is the memory of the time Terry took him to see Basic Instinct when he was five years old.

“That was the day you became a man,” Crowe’s Terry says.

The competition is an eating challenge where the participants are forced to eat a “jungle delicacy,” including either a cow’s tongue, pig’s liver or a duck’s vagina. However, the challenge quickly comes to an end as Terry immediately chows down the duck’s vagina after exclaiming, “Hell yeah, playa.” Nathan and Terry win a four-course meal and a massage for two, but Terry quickly ruins it by revealing that he has stitches all over his back from getting bit by a horse.

“What is your life?,” Nathan asks. Watch the entire skit below:

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This is the second week in a row that SNL has parodied a survival reality show after last week’s episode hosted by Peter Dinklage featured the Game of Thrones star competing in a celebrity edition of Naked and Afraid alongside SNL cast member Leslie Jones. As with that sketch, the “100 Days in the Jungle” skit is funniest depending on your familiarity with the series and its episode featuring the loved ones visit. Surprisingly, this marks the first time SNL has ever parodied Survivor (MADtv once mocked the Cook Islands season), but it’s clear someone in the cast or writers’ room is a fan of the show.

SNL continues on April 16 with host Julia Louis-Dreyfus and musical guest Nick Jonas at 11:30 p.m. on NBC.