SNL’s Leslie Jones, Peter Dinklage go on Naked and Afraid


Game of Thrones’ Peter Dinklage and SNL cast member Leslie Jones appear on Naked and Afraid: Celebrity Edition

Peter Dinklage and Leslie Jones appeared as themselves in an SNL sketch where the pair compete on the celebrity edition of the Discovery reality show Naked and Afraid. Jones immediately fan girls out at the sight of a nude Dinklage, making the Game of Thrones star uncomfortable as she comments on the size of his package.

As seen on Naked and Afraid, both participants are given an initial primitive survival rating, with Dinklage receiving a 4.1 for being an avid hiker and completing combat training for Game of Thrones, while Jones gets a 5.7 for “surviving Compton.”

The duo first take out their chosen survival items. Dinklage wisely brought a fire starter kit, while Jones chose to bring Frank’s red hot sauce. “Don’t start with me on day one, Tyrion,” she screams after he chastises her selection. In a confessional, Jones calls the actor a “whiny bitch” for being a vegetarian, and calls him out for not complimenting her body.

Dinklage next builds a shelter to protect them from the elements, and laments how much of a “horndog” Jones is as the pair are seeing awkwardly cuddling at night, with the comedian touching his “warmest spot.”

“How is there not an open sexual harassment case against her?” he wonders to the camera.

After days of arguing, the pair finally come to the end of the competition following 21 days in the wild. Jones’ PSR was lowered by two points for breaking Naked and Afraids no drug policy, and for several attempts to pour hot sauce on her partner to eat him. However, Dinklage’s PSR score went up by three points after surviving 21 days with Jones, “a feat no man has ever achieved.”

As they exit, the duo embrace and admit they will miss each other in their usual awkward fashion. Watch the Naked and Afraid sketch below:

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Dinklage proved a capable host, doing the best he could with often broad, mediocre material during his first time hosting SNL. The Naked and Afraid skit was one of the most memorable sketches of the night, though Jones – who stars in the upcoming female version of Ghostbusters – continues to play essentially the same character in each of her appearances. Ironically, moments that referenced Game of Thrones such as Dinklage’s opening monologue and a sneak peek at the new season were some of the episode’s weakest. But all in all, a repeat visit by Dinklage will be more than welcome.

SNL returns next week with host Russell Crowe and musical guest Margo Price, with former cast member Julia Louis-Dreyfus hosting the following week with Nick Jonas performing. Meanwhile, Naked and Afraid can be seen Sundays at 10 p.m. on Discovery.