The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Recap – 1-21


Jimmy Fallon is having a strong week. Wednesday’s show welcomed two professional football players in Ryan Fitzpatrick and Prince Amukamara, in addition to the two scheduled guests. He’s bringing the humor this week. Thursday’s show welcomed Sarah Silverman and presidential hopeful Marco Rubio. Here’s how it went down.


Jimmy kicked off the show by welcoming Marco Rubio. He said he was going to make him feel welcome by bringing out five other people to interrupt him every time he talked. Jimmy then took aim at Bernie Sanders who recently said that he still does his own grocery shopping, claiming he stops and yells at the 1% milk. Everybody is talking about winter storm Jonas. The joke: Meteorologists said that it wasn’t as strong until it left its brothers Joe and Kevin. That’s gold, Jimmy!

To the Desk

Tonight Show Hashtags

It’s Thursday, and that means it’s time for Tonight Show hashtags. This week’s hashtag was #AwwHellSnow. Here are some of the highlights:

The Guests

Sarah Silverman 

This was Sarah Silverman’s first appearance on Fallon at 11:30. The always funny Silverman talked about scents of the human race. Not body odor, but colognes and perfumes. She said she wants to invent a perfume that is just laundromat clean smell. She then talked about her boyfriend and how his human scents drive her crazy; specifically the armpit. It was a cringe-worthy interview. Eventually conversation got to her award-winning performance from I Smile Back. She’s proud of the movie and the role.

Word Sneak

Word Sneak is a solid bit that Jimmy occasionally play with guests. Jimmy and his guest have a list of words and they have to casually work those words into casual conversation. The two crushed it. Check out the segment below.

Marco Rubio

Jimmy greeted Rubio by throwing some seriously heeled boots on his desk. This was to razz Marco about the recent controversy surrounding his shoe choice. He says he won’t stop wearing the boots just cause some people made fun of him for it. New York is a special place to Rubio who proposed to her wife on top of the Empire State Building. He said he was terrified to drop the ring, so he took it back as soon as he gave it to his wife. Jimmy asked what he would want to do if his presidential run doesn’t work out. He said he would love to be commissioner of the NFL. That’s his first choice. He sounded pretty serious about it. Solid interview by Rubio.

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The show concluded with a performance by the band Wet. Tune in tomorrow when Jimmy welcomes Jeff Daniels and Lilly Singh. Should be a good one!