The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Recap – 1-20


Fallon and The Tonight Show have made it to hump day. Wednesday’s show welcomed Dakota Johnson from How to be Single and Marlon Wayans from 50 Shades of Black. Here’s what happened.


Jimmy kicked off the monologue to comment on what everyone is talking about: Sarah Palin endorsing Donald Trump. The punchline: Trump standing to the side and staying silent was the most painful moments of his life. Jimmy played some of the more comical segments of her speech. They really do stand on their own. Keeping it political, he pulled a zinger with a joke aimed at Jeb that was the best joke of the night. Check it out below. Politics took most of the monologue time. He weighted the pros and cons of Bill Clinton campaigning for Hillary, which was a three part joke that were mostly focused on his sexual past. He followed that up with poking fun at some real video of President Obama looking at what he has in his pockets. It turns out that it’s a ton of stuff.

Joke of the Monologue: “In a recent speech, Jeb Bush said he loved his mom more than his dad. George Bush responded by saying he loved winners more than people at 4% in the polls.”

To the Desk

Tonight Show Suggestion Box

This is one of the better Fallon bits. It’s when he comes up with fictitious suggestions from the audience, and takes a dive in the suggestion box. He kicked it off with some excellent Bernie Sanders impressions and even got the Quest and Tariq involved.

The Guests

Dakota Johnson 

Jimmy opened the interview by talking about her last appearance when she couldn’t stop laughing. Her excuse was that she always laughs when she him. She confessed that she might be in love with Jimmy. She pivoted from that awkwardness by telling a story of when she was hanging out with her friend Aubrey Plaza playing a game of Business Card Roulette. It’s when you collect business cards and throw them in the air. Whichever one you catch is the person you have to prank call. It was just a really awkward and off-putting interview. I don’t know if Dakota doesn’t know how to act in these settings, or if she’s just always socially awkward. Fortunately, it was brief.

After the break, Dakota brought her own game to play with Jimmy. It involves a telephone. Someone spells out a scenario, and the other person has to pick up the phone and act out that situation. The first situation was Darth Vader calling for Dakota to tell her he was leaving her for another woman. You get the idea. Check out the segment below.

Marlon Wayans

Marlon is always amped up when he heads to The Tonight Show. He went right over to The Roots and wished Quest a happy birthday. The interview was like he was trying out standup material. He talked about the difference between woman in the summer and woman in the winter. Then he talked about the humidity during the summer. He was there to promote his new spoof movie 50 Shades of Black, but instead spouted some racially inspired comedy.

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The episode concluded with a musical performance from Steven Johnson that involved Jimmy and the Roots as stage hands. Tune in tomorrow where Fallon welcomes Sarah Silverman and Marco Rubio.