Samuel L. Jackson talks Donald Trump feud with Seth Meyers


Seth Meyers broke the news to Samuel L. Jackson that he was in a feud with Donald Trump on Late Night

Samuel L. Jackson paid a visit to NBC’s Late Night to promote Quentin Tarantino’s latest film The Hateful Eight on Tuesday night. During the appearance, host Seth Meyers informed the actor that he was officially in a feud with GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump over recent comments he made in an interview about the real estate mogul’s golf game.

“We’re having beef?” Jackson asked. Meyers explained that he was excited by the war of words because Trump doesn’t like him either (over his roasting of The Apprentice star at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in 2011), describing their shared feud with the Republican front runner as a fraternity or brotherhood.

The comedian then referenced Jackson’s recent interview with United Airlines’ Rhapsody magazine where he accused Trump of cheating at golf, and revealed that he received a bill for membership dues even though he was never a member at any of his golf clubs. Jackson also dismissed Trump as “more P.T. Barnum than politician.”

This prompted Trump to respond to the actor in typical Trumpian fashion, tweeting Tuesday morning:

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Jackson elaborated on his comments on Late Night, explaining that he received but refused to pay the bill he was sent from one of Trump’s clubs that he hadn’t been to in over three years. After Meyers showed Jackson the above tweet, the actor refuted the idea that the two had never met, explaining that they had played golf together before, including with Black-ish star Anthony Anderson.

“One day we were all playing together, and we clearly saw him hook a ball into a lake at Trump National in Jersey, and his caddy told him he found it,” Jackson recounted, referencing Trump’s alleged cheating. “Was the caddy soaking wet when he said this?” Meyers asked. “No, he was not,” Jackson responded, noting that they hadn’t seen a splash.

Anderson has since backed up Jackson’s story on Twitter, while others such as fellow actor Orlando Jones have also come to his defense by posting a photo of Trump alongside Jackson on the red carpet to contradict claims that the two had never met:

Jackson also claimed that President Bill Clinton could verify that Trump knows him since he once set up a golf date between the two at one of his clubs. “He called and said ‘Samuel L., The Don,'” Jackson said. “‘Who?’ ‘The Don.’ ‘Oh, Mr. Trump, how are you doing?'” He then asked if he was busy, and wanted to know if he had time to play golf with a friend of his that turned out to be Clinton.

“If we can prove that Donald Trump is lying when he said that he doesn’t know you, this might be the thing that finally brings down his campaign,” Meyers concluded, which received a thumbs up from Jackson and applause from the Late Night audience.

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Late Night with Seth Meyers airs weeknights on NBC. Trump may never appear on Meyer’s late-night program over their ongoing feud, but he is paying another visit to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon next Monday, January 11.