Why Conan O'Brien's Hot Ones is the perfect promo for his new show

PLEASE DON'T DESTROY: Ben Marshall, John Higgins, And Martin Herlihy On A Live Taping Of Conan
PLEASE DON'T DESTROY: Ben Marshall, John Higgins, And Martin Herlihy On A Live Taping Of Conan / Theo Wargo/GettyImages

Conan O'Brien delivered an epic performance on Hot Ones, taking the internet by storm and showing no regard for his health and safety. The comedic masterclass was also the perfect promo for Conan O'Brien Must Go.

O'Brien has long been on the Hot Ones wish list. The internet's dream came true when he closed out the latest season by sitting down with host Sean Evans to run the wings gauntlet. What followed was an all-time performance.

The late-night TV legend showed no restraint or any concept of pace as he devoured the wings and pocketed the remains in his jacket. He doused his wings in increasingly hot toppings, licking and moisturizing with sauce to Evans' shock and delight.

O'Brien was there to promote his new Max travel show Conan O'Brien Must Go. Anyone familiar with "Conan Without Borders" from the TBS days needs no extra motivation to see O'Brien surprise fans in remote parts of the world. But for anyone on the fence or unaware of what O'Brien brings to the travelogue genre, the Hot Ones spot proved to be the perfect promo.

Conan approached Hot Ones the same way he approaches his travel remotes. On the show, O'Brien fills the room with his larger-than-life personality, capturing the attention of everyone in the room and watching at home. He subjects himself to any form of humiliation that delivers a laugh. And sprinkles in enough sincerity and authenticity to remind you that his intelligence, compassion, and thoughtfulness are in equal measure to his humor.

The same happens when he travels and meets strangers from around the world. O'Brien is unmistakable no matter where he is thanks to his tall, thin frame and iconic red hair. He's also game to try anything or go anywhere if he can mine comedy from it. The goal is never to humiliate or laugh at those he meets in other parts of the world. Instead, O'Brien willingly (and expertly) plays the fool to charm the citizens of the world.

And while O'Brien told Sean Evans that he doesn't want Conan O'Brien Must Go to be educational or teach viewers anything, the line is played for a laugh rather than truth. "Conan Without Borders" episodes in South Korea, Cuba, and others demonstrated O'Brien's desire to showcase different cultures, peoples, and ways of life. His baseline intelligence and humanity make it impossible for O'Brien not to connect with others and help tell their stories.

That's exactly what we should expect from Conan O'Brien Must Go. He will tell the stories of four unique individuals who reached out to him via Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend. To do so, O'Brien thrusts himself into their narratives with a sense of humor and a level of heart seen nowhere else in comedy or travel media.

Conan O'Brien Must Go premieres on Max on April 18.