Who's hosting Saturday Night Live tonight, January 20?

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE -- Pictured: "Saturday Night Live" Key Art -- (Photo by: NBCUniversal)
SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE -- Pictured: "Saturday Night Live" Key Art -- (Photo by: NBCUniversal) /

Saturday Night Live returns tonight for its first episode in 2024. So who will get the honor of hosting SNL as it kicks off the new year?

Saturday Night Live season 49 has been on hiatus since December 16. But now the cast and crew should be well-rested and ready to begin the second half of what should be an entertaining and pivotal season.

And it all starts tonight with host Jacob Elordi. The actor known for Saltburn, Euphoria, and Priscilla will make his Saturday Night Live debut.

Elordi will be joined by musical guest Reneé Rapp. It's also the SNL debut for Rapp, who released her album Snow Angel in November 2023. Rapp also starts as Regina George in the movie musical version of Mean Girls in theaters now.

So what should SNL fans expect from Elordi as host? His acting credits don't include very many straightforward comedies. But, the talented actor does have experience with romantic comedies and black comedies.

The latter can be especially difficult to pull off. So it could be that Elordi finds it a little easier to nail some of the broader styles typically found in Saturday Night Live sketches. His appearances during promotion for Saltburn also suggest that Elordi has a solid sense of humor and easygoing attitude that will come in handy on SNL.

SNL may also want to take some of the pressure off Elordi with a cameo or two. Season 49 has been cameo-heavy, and the first episode of 2024 gives SNL an opportunity to make a splash in its return from hiatus.

Elordi's Saltburn co-star Barry Keoghan is one option. Their performances together have been popular both among critics and social media thanks to some memorable, albeit NSFW, moments together.

Given Lorne Michaels' involvement in Mean Girls, he may also be up for putting
Reneé Rapp in a sketch or two. That would open the door for a Tina Fey cameo. Or if SNL really wants to grab headlines, bringing Lindsay Lohan out would definitely do the trick.

Saturday Night Live airs tonight, January 20, at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC. The show is also available on Peacock.