Stephen Colbert will meet with Pope Francis after latest controversy

The talk show host does crack a few jokes about the Vatican.
PaleyFest LA 2024 - "The Late Show With Stephen Colbert"
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Stephen Colbert has been open about his Catholic beliefs with his viewers, and soon he will get a chance to brandish this beliefs in front of the Pope. The host told The Late Show audience that he will meet with Pope Francis at the Vatican during an upcoming event.

"Am I excited," he asked the Wednesday night audience. "Is the Pope Catholic? I'll let you know after I meet the freaking Pope!" Colbert went on to provide details about the event, which will see the Pope meet with 105 comics and humorists from around the world. "The Pope, the Vatican, comedy, I can't wait," he gushed.

Colbert is thrilled to meet Pope Francis

Colbert is in good company. He listed off some of the other comedians who have been tapped for the hallowed Vatican event, and they include Conan O'Brien, Jim Gaffigan, Whoopi Goldberg, Chris Rock and Jimmy Fallon.

Colbert couldn't resist making a joke about Chris Rock's recent slapping incident involving Will Smith. "Chris," he warned. "Please, for safety's sake, I'd just keep Mary Magdalene's name out of your mouth.. Cuse the Pope wears a big ring." Colbert, of course, did address the recent controversies the Pope has been embroiled in.

Colbert was disappointed by the Pope's use of slurs

Pope Francis
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Pope Francis was said to have used homophobic slurs during meetings at the Vatican, which has led to widespread backlash. Colbert took the elephant in the room head on, and admitted that this put a strange damper on the upcoming meet-and-greet. "Why, why Pope Frankie, why!?," he asked.

Colbert went on to note the various ways in which Pope Francis was pitched as the "progressive" Pope. "You're supposed to be the cool Pope," he added. "You were the ally!" The talk show host did poke fun at the history of controversies that have surrounded the Vatican, however. "I can't believe that I am alive for the first time anyone's been disappointed by the Catholic Church," he quipped.

Colbert is still going to the event, and we can't wait to hear him discuss his experience on the air.

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