Staying or going? Heidi Gardner confirms her Saturday Night Live future

Randy Shropshire/GettyImages

Heidi Gardner just wrapped up another stellar season on Saturday Night Live. But before the dust even settled on season 49, Gardner revealed her future SNL plans.

Gardner joined SNL in 2017 as a featured player. By 2019, SNL promoted her to a repertory status and from there, she's become one of the most versatile and consistent performers in the cast. After seven seasons on Saturday Night Live, what's next for Heidi Gardner?

In an interview with Gold Derby, the comedian indicated she'll be back for Saturday Night Live season 50. Gardner plans to enter next season with a focused mindset that's all about being present.

"Every year I’m there I try to get more present and more aware of how amazing this time in my life is. And I think I just really want to be in the moment next season. There’s nothing I can plan for. It’s just gonna be spectacular.”

Often, seven seasons is when SNL cast members decide to walk away from Studio 8H and focus full-time on movies and other TV series. For Gardner, it sounds like the chance to be a major part of SNL's historic 50th season was too good to pass up.

Gardner told Gold Derby that she's already looking forward to the SNL 50th celebration, scheduled for February 2025. She hopes to meet SNL alumni Mike Meyers and Andy Samberg while also getting more time with Eddie Murphy. Gardner was part of the cast when Murphy returned to host, setting SNL records along the way.

What's next for Heidi Gardner?

The summer usually allows Saturday Night Live cast members to pursue other opportunities outside of the show. For some, that means stand-up tours, movie appearances, or a return to TV projects.

Gardner says she's looking forward to a little rest and relaxation this summer. Regarding the end of SNL season 49, she said "There’s sadness to be saying goodbye to your classmates and friends and teachers, and then there’s excitement ’cause it’s the summer and you get to rest a little bit.”

Earlier this year, Netflix released the animated series Good Times that features Gardner in the voice cast. In January, Shrinking season 2 began filming. While no premiere date has been announced, Gardner is expected back on the Apple TV+ series.