Seth Meyers names the 'perfect' SNL sketch from this season that makes him 'insanely jealous'

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Perhaps better than anyone, Seth Meyers knows what it takes to write the perfect Saturday Night Live sketch. So when the Late Night host recently revealed he's jealous of a sketch from this season, it's worth taking note.

Meyers spent over a decade at Saturday Night Live as a cast member, "Weekend Update" anchor, and head writer. He's heard hundreds and thousands of pitches while working with some of the most talented comedy writers of all time.

He may be just a fan now, but Meyers still appreciates a well-written and well-executed Saturday Night Live sketch. He already named the perfect Saturday Night Live episode and now has highlighted a perfect SNL sketch.

Meyers told cast member Mikey Day that the George Washington sketch from season 49 was just about "perfect." So much so that Meyers is jealous he didn't write it.

"There was this wonderful George Washington sketch with Nate Bargatze that you wrote," Meyers told Day. "And it's kind of a perfect sketch. I don't often do this, but I walked up to your office. I wanted to let you guys know I was so insanely jealous when I saw it."

Day repaid the compliment, acknowledging Meyers' status in SNL history. But Meyers definitely wasn't being hyperbolic when he praised the sketch co-written by Day and Streeter Seidell. It ranks among the most popular sketches from season 49.

And while Day and Seidell deserve the credit, both Meyers and Day agreed that Bargatze took it to another level. "Once Nate got in front of an audience, he turned it on," Day revealed. Apparently, the sketch didn't go over as well during dress rehearsal. That's hard to imagine considering how flawlessly it was executed during the live episode.

When the final words are written about season 49, Mikey Day's role in the Beavis and Butt-Head sketch will get most of the attention. And that's fair; it became a viral moment that transcended Saturday Night Live. But if we're talking about the season's best sketches, "Washington's Dream" is at the top. Seth Meyers' endorsement only solidifies it.