Sabrina Carpenter might throw shots at SNL host Jake Gyllenhaal

It all has to do with the Swifties and Sabrina's hit song.
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Sabrina Carpenter is the newest pop sensation. Her single "Espresso" is climbing the charts, and she recently came off a lengthy stint as the opener for Taylor Swift's Eras Tour. She's officially big time, as evidenced by the fact that she's been tapped as the musical guest for the Saturday Night Live season finale.

As one might assume from Carpenter's professional ties, the singer is friends with Taylor Swift. Swift, infamously, dated the host of SNL's season finale, Jake Gyllenhaal. It was a relationship that evidently went bad, and Swift immortalized it in his ten-minute song "All Too Well."

Carpenter is friends with Gyllenhaal's famous ex

Given these ties, there are some fans who are theorizing that Carpenter might throw a dig at the Oscar nominee during her firs ever SNL performance. The idea stems from the fact that Carpenter has a song called "Nonsense," and she changes the lyrics of the outro depending on which city she plays in.

"All Too Well" rhymes with "SNL," and so Swifties think there's a good chance Carpenter could make reference to the song that paints Gyllenhaal in a very unflattering light. It would be an incredibly bold move, considering Gyllenhaal is the one who is going to be introducing the song in question.

Gyllenhaal, for what it's worth, has dismissed the claim that "All Too Well" was written about him. He told Esquire that the song is about the relationship between Swift and her fans, and that he's been misconstrued as an easy scapegoat.

Swifties are hoping for an "All Too Well" reference

Sabrina Carpenter, Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour - Sydney, Australia / Don Arnold/TAS24/GettyImages

Regardless of what Gyllenhaal thinks, however, the public perception has already been solidified. There are, admittedly, some risks for Carpenter if she decided to work the song into her act. If she were to make reference to "All Too Well" in the midst of a Gyllenhaal-hosted episode, she may not get invited back.

There have been several instances of musical acts getting banned by Lorne Michaels after they disobeyed direct orders or proved to be a disturbance to the flow of the show. Carpenter has been smart about navigating her public persona, however, so it's really hard to tell what will happen when Gyllenhaal throws it to her to sing on Saturday night. Just know we'll be tuned it.

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