Real Time with Bill Maher renewed; Season 22 premiere date set

Bill Maher
Bill Maher / Janet Van Ham/USA TODAY

Real Time with Bill Maher will return in 2024. HBO announced that season 22 of the long-running late-night TV season is coming.

Bill Maher is coming off another entertaining, if not controversial, season. Things went sideways during the Writers Guild of America strike with Maher attempting to restart his show sans writers. But he wisely shelved that plan and produced an abbreviated season of Real Time.

Things should go a little smoother in 2024. HBO announced that Real Time with Bill Maher season 24 will premiere on January 19. It will further cement Maher as the longest-tenured late-night TV host working today.

It's certainly no surprise that Real Time will be back. The show always finds its audience, whether that's viewers who are in lockstep with Bill Maher's opinions or those who watch just to disagree with the comedian. There's also no denying that Real Time offers a diverse guest lineup not seen anywhere else in late-night TV.

HBO is likely banking on those viewers to return for what should be a pivotal year in late-night TV, not to mention the real world. Season 22 of Real Time with Bill Maher will take its audience through the 2024 presidential election all the way up to when the votes are tallied.

Between campaign stops and debates, Maher will also have to stay on top of Donald Trump's trials and tribulations. The former president still drives the narrative on late-night TV, even when he's not in the West Wing or the courtroom. Considering he could occupy both when 2024 is all said and done, Real Time with Bill Maher has its work cut out for itself.