Kim Kardashian 'ruins' Jimmy Kimmel's nipple bra jokes in new late night interview

Kim Kardashian was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! where she promoted her SKIMS brand and more.
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This week is starting off strong on Jimmy Kimmel Live! — not only is the 56-year-old host poking fun at Donald Trump "farting" in court but he's also sat down with really awesome guests. One of whom is Kim Kardashian, 43, who joined Kimmel on Monday, April 22 to discuss what's going on in her life. Apart from her role in American Horror Story: Delicate, which is airing on FX right now, she also promoted her successful shapewear line SKIMS.

If you know Kimmel, you'll know he doesn't shy away from a spicy joke, and he nearly couldn't resist when bringing up one of Kardashian's most viral SKIMS products, the nipple push-up bra. In case you missed it, the internet went wild with reactions and memes when the product was first promoted last year. In the short promo clip, Kardashian highlighted the impact of global warming while revealing her nipple push-up bra, something fans found to be incredibly clever. You can watch the promo here if you haven't seen it. (Honestly, it's great!)

Kim Kardashian's nipple push-up bra is helping women with breast cancer

During Kardashian's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week, the host perfectly segued from talking about Madonna (whose most iconic looks include pointy bras) into the viral SKIMS product. But before Kimmel could get into any suggestive jokes, Kardashian accidentally shut him down for a moment with the feedback she's gotten around the bras — including the deeper way the product is helping women.

“I wasn’t expecting all of the amazing feedback that we got from a lot of breast cancer survivors,” Kardashian stated, which changed Kimmel's tune. He responded, "Oh! Well, that kind of ruins my line of questioning," to which Kardashian laughed and told him to "just forget [she] said that." The audience, of course, erupted with laughter at Kimmel's blunder.

As expected, Kardashian didn't take Kimmel's comments negatively and laughed at the host as he tried to move on from the awkward moment. They continued to discuss the product, with Kardashian explaining that the bra was molded from her own breasts; the product is not just a pair of nipples but an actual pad inside. Kardashian shared an anecdote about Khloé Kardashian and Scott Disick, as well as a time when she was insecure wearing the bra while attending a meeting.

USA Today reported on the reactions to the nipple bra from women with breast cancer and breast cancer survivors in a story from Nov. 2023. One woman, 36-year-old Philecia La'Bounty who was battling stage 4 breast cancer for the second time when the report was run, said that "there's a massive community that is grieving the loss of their breasts and is extremely excited to have this easy, affordable and painless option to get their nipples back."

You can check out the SKIMS nipple push-up bra here, which is currently being sold for $64. The product has 143 reviews, mostly positive, with one reviewer writing: "As a gal with different size breast, the confidence this bra [brings] is well worth it." Another wrote: "[As] someone who lost a nipple due to a major injury in surgery this bra gave me the confidence to feel sexy again." Thanks to Kardashian, a large number of women are feeling good about themselves with this product. That's amazing.

Elsewhere in the interview with Kimmel, Kardashian cleared up online rumors about herself, including the claim that she has six toes (she doesn't.) She does, however, hate the sound of cardboard and sleeps with her eyes slightly open. Interesting!

New episodes of Jimmy Kimmel Live! air every weeknight at 11:35 pm on ABC. Next up this week, Kimmel will be interviewing Wanda Sykes, Gabriel Iglesias, Carol Burnett, Nicholas Galitzine, and other exciting celebs. Don't miss it!

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