Kathryn Hahn recaps the MCU in song during Jimmy Kimmel Live!

The Marvel universe is getting complicated, and this tune helps.
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Kathryn Hahn can do it all. She can act, she can do comedy, and now she's the guest host for Jimmy Kimmel Live! The entertainer took over hosting duties on July 10, while the titular host is on summer vacation. Hahn is having a big year, between this guest stint and her upcoming role in the Marvel TV show Agatha All Along.

Hahn is a pragmatist, though, and she knows that the Marvel Cinematic Universe becomes more complicated with each new installment. Agatha All Along is going to be a particularly confounding experience for those who missed WandaVision. That being said, the guest host has you covered.

Kathryn Hahn poked fun at the MCU's timeline

In an effort to make the MCU more palatable, Kathryn Hahn decided to recap all the films and TV shows in song form. She manages to go from Iron Man (2008) to the present day in the span of three and a half minutes, while being accompanied by a piano and choir.

It's all very accurate, and chronologically sound (which is not exactly a guarantee in the MCU), but Hahn, in true late night form, spruces up what happens with a tongue-in-cheek approach. She pokes fun at iconic MCU characters while explaining their importance.

Hahn originally played Agatha in WandaVision

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“Groot’s incomprehensible, and Thanos diabolical," Hahn sings. "And he had a chin that looked like giant purple testicles." She also makes a crack about Iron Man dying in Avengers: Endgame (2018), which caused millions of "virgins" to start "crying."

Agatha All Along is slated for released in September. Kathryn Hahn has been hyping up the release of the anticipated show for years, and recently told Deadline that it's worth every bit the wait. "We can say that it is hilarious, and deep," the actress noted. "And I was moved to work with all these people every day. It was a gratuitous dream that it happened to be this group to go through that together."

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