Jon Stewart has advice for Trump and Biden after horrid presidential debate

The Daily Show host is as concerned as the rest of us.
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The current state of politics is such that The Daily Show has actually brought back Jon Stewart. The most popular host in the show's history, and someone who's cutting insight has provided a form of comfort in the past.

After the June 27 presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, though, Stewart is as concerned as the rest of us. The Daily Show host flashed a graphic of the debate on his screen, only to take a long pause before addressing what happened. People in the crowd can be heard laughing.

Jon Stewart suggested Trump and Biden take PEDs

Stewart was, like most viewers, disturbed by Joe Biden's seeming lack of coherence and Trump's track record. He proposed a solution to the next presidential debate, assuming there is one with both men involved: drugs. He explained further:

"“Let me just say, after watching tonight’s debate, that both of these men should be using performance-enhancing drugs — as much of it as they can get, as many times a day as their bodies will allow."

This suggestion drew laugher from the crowd, but Jon Stewart kept up with the bit. He also took an opportunity to throw digs at Trump, in particular. "If performance-enhancing drugs will improve their lucidity, their ability to solve problems," he noted. "And in one of the candidates’ cases, improve their truthfulness, morality and malignant narcissism — then suppository away."

Stewart joked that might be turn to drug use after the debate

First Presidential Debate; Biden vs Trump
First Presidential Debate; Biden vs Trump / Anadolu/GettyImages

Stewart wrapped up the bit by admitting there may not be drugs strong enough to enhance the performances that the world saw Trump and Biden give on the debate stage. If that is the case, then Stewart is going to turn to drugs himself:

"If those drugs don’t exist then I could sure use some recreational ones right now, because this cannot be real life. It just can’t. F–k! We’re America!"

The Daily Show host provided a more in-depth breakdown of the debate (how could he not, it's the Daily Show), but his exasperated plan to make the presidential candidates more lucid was the clear highlight of the episode.

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