Jimmy Kimmel tries (and fails) to make sense of Trump's shark rant

It was a losing battle from the start.
Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Las Vegas
Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Las Vegas / Brandon Bell/GettyImages

Jimmy Kimmel had a lot to discuss on the June 11 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! The talk show host detailed the Hunter Biden conviction, and the difficulty that his dad, President Joe Biden, had dancing at the White House's Juneteenth celebration. His favorite topic of the night, however, was sharks. He delighted in recapping Donald Trump's confusing shark discussion during a recent presidential rally.

"He said so many incomprehensible things," Kimmel said of the rally speech. "Including this diatribe about sharks." The talk show host then played the clip of Trump's story, urging the viewers to focus on the man wearing white and standing to the left of the former president. The man in white has an increasingly puzzled look on his face. "He's like 'Am I having heat stroke?'," Kimmel joked.

Jimmy Kimmel edited Trump singing "Baby Shark"

The host went on to make note of the odd timing and setting of Trump's shark story. The rally took place in Las Vegas, far away from any major oceans. "If there's anything that voters in the middle of the desert in Las Vegas are worried about, it's electric boats and shark attacks," he quipped to uproarious laughter.

Kimmel's editing team then upped the silliness factor by editing clips of Trump talking about sharks to emulate the lyrics of the viral children's song "Baby Shark." Kimmel tries to hold back his laughter as the camera cuts back to him. "It's the song of the summer," he jokingly states.

The comedian wants to debate Trump on his show

Jimmy Kimmel
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Kimmel also addressed the fact that his name came up during the FOX News coverage of the rally. He was excited by the fact that reporter Jeanine Pirro said Trump wasn't afraid of him. Pirro also asserted that Trump would happily go on Kimmel's show to debate him one-on-one. This was too good to pass up as a source of comedy.

"I would love to moderate," Kimmel said. "We don't even need Joe Biden, it can just be me and Trump. Let's make this happen. Question number one: 'What's Melania's middle name?'"

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