Jimmy Kimmel tees off on Donald Trump's Father's Day post

It's just as ridiculous as you would expect.
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Jimmy Kimmel prides himself on being a father. He's documented his son's health struggles on his show, and made a point of praising and highlighting his kids whenever he can. It's largely due to this perspective that the talk show host constantly takes shots at Donald Trump's parenting.

Trump, who appears to have a somewhat frigid relationship with some of his kids, issued a statement on Father's Day, and Jimmy Kimmel could not have been more tickled. The talk show opened up his monologue by sharing (and poking fun at) the Father's Day messages that his children gave to him, but then he turned his focus to the former President.

Jimmy Kimmel mocked Trump's angry message

Trump took to Truth Social to send quite the Father's Day message. Happy Father's Day to all, including the radical left degenerates that are rapidly bringing the United States of America into third world nation status," he wrote, which Kimmel recited. "With their many attempts at trying to influence our sacred court system into breaking to their very sick and dangerous will."

There was not a lot of subtlety or fatherly love in the social media post, which Kimmel was quick to point out. "What a sick individual," the host asserted. "Who's mad on Father's Day?!" Kimmel had an answer to his own question, and it was surprisingly direct.

The comedian also took aim at Ivanka's Instagram post

Ivanka Trump
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"I guess you'd be mad on Father's Day if there was a whole day dedicated to your two biggest failures," he said, before throwing up a photo of Eric and Donald Trump, Jr. on the screen. Ivanka Trump didn't escape Kimmel's wrath, either. He posted her Father's Day message on Instagram and tore it apart by pointing out how annoyed Trump looked to be holding her.

Kimmel was much easier on President Joe Biden. Despite mocking the President's dance moves, or lack thereof, he found Biden's Father's Day message to be much more wholesome and, well, fatherly. "Happy Father's Day to all the dads, pops, and father figures who have shown us guidance, encouragement, and unconditional love," the President's tweet read.

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