Jimmy Kimmel responds to Aaron Rodgers rumors


Jimmy Kimmel and Aaron Rodgers have one of the more memorable, if not contentious, celebrity feuds. The late-night TV host took a few more shots at the quarterback last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Things between Kimmel and Rodgers escalated quickly in January when the New York Jets quarterback implied that Kimmel was connected to Jeffrey Epstein. The comedian responded by threatening legal action against Rodgers, claiming his family's safety was jeopardized.

Rodgers reentered the news this week thanks to reports indicating Robert Kennedy, Jr. is considering the athlete as his vice president. RFK Jr. is running as an independent and reportedly also talked with Jesse Ventura about the VP job.

Jimmy Kimmel's monologue covered the story on Wednesday night. The host joked that Kennedy was also considering "a pair of truck nuts dipped in Ivermectin." Kimmel went further, saying that Rodgers and Ventura aren't running mates, but rather who The Masked Singer calls when Rob Schneider says no.

"And Aaron Rodgers is still playing football," Kimmel added. "He's still playing for the Jets. How many losing teams can he be a part of at once."

Right now, it doesn't seem likely that Aaron Rodgers will respond to Jimmy Kimmel this time. News that Rodgers and Kennedy could team up brought out more stories about the professional athlete that don't bode well.

The question then becomes how long Kimmel wants to keep punching Rodgers. Becoming a political candidate will open Rodgers up to even more scrutiny from late-night TV. And given the history, Kimmel will be first in line to crack jokes as Rodgers' expense.