Jimmy Kimmel questions why Trump has a gun despite criminal charges

The talk show host does make some good points.
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It's difficult to remember a time before Donald Trump's political and legal dealings were not the basis of late night television. He's effectively dominated the last decade of talk show monologues, and he's done so basically every night during this decade.

Jimmy Kimmel is one of the hosts who has made a ritual out of roasting Trump. It's rare that an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! goes by without some mention of the recently convicted President, and the June 12 episode was no exception. Kimmel had plenty to say about Trump and the fact that he still owns a gun despite technically being a felon.

Kimmel parallels Trump with Hunter Biden

He told the audience that Trump had an interview with his probation officer on Monday, in which he admitted that he still has a gun at his home in Florida. "That could be a violation of his parole," the TV host noted. "And could be another potential felony. A felony gun charge... Who does he think this guy is, Hunter Biden?"

Kimmel provides additional info on the exchange. Evidently, Trump said the gun was lawfully moved to Florida, but the host was confused as to why a gun was even necessary. "Why does he even have a gun," Kimmel asked. "He's surrounded by Secret Service. How would a gun even work with those tiny fingers? It's like giving a dog a saxophone."

Trump could potentially face another felony charge

Donald Trump
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The former Man Show host then turned his focus to Donald Trump, Jr., and his reaction to the Hunter Biden gun charges. Trump, Jr. felt that President Joe Biden was taking extra care to ensure that his son does not suffer the consequences that Trump, Jr. believes is fair. Kimmel plays a video of the Trump progeny ranting and then asked, "which president's son is on crack?"

According to the New Republic, Trump's gun license was suspended back in 2023. A New York official said the information on the gun Trump mentioned “will be referred to the local authorities in Florida to take whatever steps are necessary.”

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