Jimmy Kimmel mocks Trump for joining TikTok while trying to ban it

The talk show host noticed some odd details online.
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The Donald Trump verdict has come in, and the former president has been found guilty of 34 felonies. Jimmy Kimmel is, predictably, thrilled. The talk show host recounted the aftermath of the trial, and the interview that Trump gave in which he accused the justice system of being rigged.

Kimmel got a few digs on Trump's post-conviction interview, but the real unexpected development was the fact that the former president has joined TikTok. Trump was famously banned from Twitter (back when it was still called Twitter), but it appears as though he's found another platform in which he could cater to his fans.

Kimmel called out Donald Trump's hypocrisy

Jimmy Kimmel couldn't resist the low hanging fruit of the ex-president hopping on a platform that he initially tried ban. "Fiberacchi, by the way, is on TikTok now," the host explained. "Which is interesting, because when he was president he tried to ban TikTok... Now he's on it."

Kimmel went on to recount some of Trump's recent posts. "Today, Trump said it is an honor to be on TikTok," he said while trying not to laugh. "You think he knows anyone with a phone can be on TikTok? It's not an honor. Probably not." The screen then cut to Trump's TikTok account, which showed that he had 4 million followers and is not following anyone. It's the last point that caught Kimmel's eye.

Kimmel noticed Trump doesn't follow his son on the app

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"He is currently following no one," the host asserted. "Not even his own son, who is following him. He's not following his son back." This led Kimmel to do some investigating. He went over to Truth Social, an app that Trump frequently uses, to see which members of his family he followed. It turns out that he follows everyone except Donald Trump, Jr.

"I think that's social media speak for 'you're not in will, Don'," Kimmel quipped. "And it's especially disappointing, because [Don Jr.] is the one who got him on TikTok." The host wrapped up the TikTok segment by playing a clip in which Trump commended his son's social media prowess, and Kimmel joked that said clip will be the closest Don, Jr. ever gets to a "hug" from his father. Ouch.

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