Jimmy Kimmel clowns Trump for falling asleep during son's graduation

The President is still a target outside of the courtroom.
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Jimmy Kimmel may have to contend with the fact that the Donald Trump court trial is coming to an end, but the late night host doesn't have to worry. As evidenced by the monologue he delivered to his audience on May 20, there's still plenty of situations involving Trump in which he can pick apart.

Trump dozing off in court has been one of Kimmel's favorite running bits during 2024, so he must have been thrilled to discover that a similar event occurred when the impeached President went to the high school graduation of his youngest son, Barron.

Kimmel mocked Trump's appearance at the graduation

"There was no court on Friday, so Trump could go to his son Barron's graduation," Kimmel explained. "He was allowed to go and almost immediately fell asleep there." The late night host was positively giddy as he recounted what happened. "He sat down, closed his eyes, and said 'Wake me when they get to the letter T.'"

It got better for the audience and Kimmel. The latter read a social media post from Trump stating: "Going to Barron's high school graduation. Great student, wonderful boy! Very exciting." He then proceeded to lay into the President for his impersonal comments regarding his own son.

He questioned whether Trump ever took photos of his kids

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"It's like what you would say to your schnauzer after it graduated obedience school," Kimmel quipped. "The graduation was a private event, but there are a lot of photos of the proud parents." The host then made fun of the fact that Melania Trump's father and Trump himself only have a three year age gap.

Kimmel also mocked Barron's appearance, claiming that he wore one of Trump's "fat guy ties" over his graduation gown. The kicker was saved until the end, though, when the host pondered aloud whether Trump has ever taken a photograph of one of his own children. "I'm trying to imagine it and I can't," he admitted.

Kimmel turned his critical ire towards Rudy Giuliani for the rest of the May 20 monologue, but he didn't disappoint when it came to his all-time favorite target.

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