Jay Pharoah pokes fun at Kenan Thompson for still being on SNL

The SNL alum joked that Thompson should have left the show.
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Jay Pharoah spent six years on Saturday Night Live, from 2010 to 2016. He quickly became a fan favorite thanks to his ability to impersonate a wide range of celebrities. The comedian left the show to embark on different career opportunities, and his most notable one yet just aired on Fox.

Pharoah is the host of the new game show The Quiz with Balls. The game show is a mishmash of classics like Wipeout and Family Feud, and sees the comedian dish out his usual quips amidst the chaos. He recently sat down to discuss the show with NY Post, and he also gave his thoughts on Saturday Night Live veteran Kenan Thompson. Emphasis on the veteran.

Jay Pharoah thought Thompson would have already left SNL

Jay Pharoah
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Pharoah, who worked alongside Thompson on multiple sketches, poked fun at the cast member's decision to stay on the show long after several of his peers have left to pursue careers elsewhere:

"I’m looking at Kenan now. He’s been up there for so long I’m like, 'Well damn, I thought he was supposed to leave at some point!'"

Pharoah made it clear that he has nothing but love for Thompson, as well as SNL producer Lorne Michaels, who initially hired him. "I learned a lot," he noted. "Lorne put me on the map. Looking at all the opportunities and things that have sprouted from that." The comedian noted that he wouldn't have been able to land the gig on The Quiz with Balls had it not been for SNL.

Thompson only has a year left on his SNL contract

Kenan Thompson
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Pharoah's joke about Thompson does come at an interesting time, though. Thompson, who holds the record for most seasons on SNL, talked about his uncertain future with the show in December 2023.

He told NPR's Fresh Air that he wasn't sure whether he would come back after season 50. "Like, I wish I knew, you know? Like, I know I'm supposed to be there through the 50th, but that's all I know as far as what they want from me kind of thing," he admitted.

Regardless of what happens, it looks like both Pharoah and Thompson are solid careers ahead of them.

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