Colin Jost was tricked into making a joke about wife Scarlett Johansson

The Weekend Update co-host had a fast one pulled on him.
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Colin Jost and Michael Che are consistent highlights on Saturday Night Live. The Weekend Update anchors are razor sharp when it comes to satirizing current events, and their "joke swap" segments have become fan favorites. The segment is, as the title suggests, an instance in which they write jokes for the other comedian to deliver.

Oftentimes these jokes are designed to be controversial, or include personal digs at the comedian saying them. It's all in good fun, of course. That being said, Michael Che was the winner of the recent joke swap after he tricked his co-host into making a joke about his own superstar spouse: Scarlett Johansson.

Michael Che put his co-anchor on the spot

Colin Jost was given a joke about ChatGPT, and before he had a chance to read said joke, he noticed the graphic included a picture of Johansson. "Oh god," he said while trying to hold back laughter. The rest of the joke:

"ChatGPT has released a new voice assistant feature inspired by Scarlett Johansson’s AI character in Her. Which I never bothered to watch because without that body, what’s the point of listening?"

Jost covered his head with his hands after delivering the joke, and Che can be heard laughing offscreen. This isn't the first time Che has tricked his co-anchor in cracking a joke about his wife's movie career. In December, Jost was forced to make a particularly awkward joke in front of a civil rights activist named Hattie Davis. Why was she there? To make more things awkward, of course.

Colin Jost has joked about his wife before

Scarlett Johansson, Colin Jost
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"New York state now allows movie theaters to serve alcohol, which is how I’m finally able to enjoy my wife’s little art movies," Jost told the viewers. "I’m kidding, honey,” he said. “I love all of your movies. And If you asked me, you’re an even better Black Widow than Coretta Scott King."

Johannson told Kelly Clarkson that she doesn't watch Saturday Night Live very often. Not for the reason you might think, though. She isn't worried that jokes will be made at her expense, she's worried that things won't go according to plan since it's taped live.

"I just feel like at any moment something’s going to fall apart," she asserted. "When you’re emotionally invested in it, and not just entertained by it, it takes on a little bit of a different life."

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