Bill Maher gives out awards for fighting cancel culture

Bill Maher
Bill Maher / Larry Busacca/VF15/GettyImages

Real Time with Bill Maher got into the awards season spirit on Friday night. Host Bill Maher delivered the 2024 Cojones Awards, celebrating those who "fought back against cancel culture."

Cancel culture has long been a favorite topic for Bill Maher. Countless Real Time monologues, interviews, and "New Rule" segments have criticized it. The comedian often rails against over-sensitivity, political correctness, and victimhood.

So for the second consecutive year, Maher handed out the Cojones Awards to honor those like him. "The award show recognizes those, who at the risk of their reputations and livelihoods, have fought back against cancel culture whether it comes from the left or the right."

The first recipient was Sian Beilock. Maher recognized the Dartmouth College president for reinstating the SAT in admissions, adding that "it's not racist" to test hight school students.

Influencer Rosey Blair got the next award. Maher praised her for changing her mind about being a plus-sized model and losing weight. The Real Time host mocked Blair's critics who claimed she no longer promoted body positivity.

California state senator Toni Atkins also earned a Cojones Award. Real Time agreed with her efforts to reverse California law banning business travel to states with anti-LGBT policies.

Maher also declared country singer Garth Brooks a Cojones winner. Brooks refused to stop selling Bud Light at his bar during a push among conservatives to boycott the beer. Maher noted that Brooks reminded everyone that cancel culture does exist on the right.

Finally, Maher gave out the Cojones "Lifetime Achievement Award" for not giving a f***. He honored author J.K. Rowling of Harry Potter fame. Maher applauded Rowling for her stance on how transgender individuals are identified.

There weren't any surprises among who Bill Maher chose to "reward" with his 2024 Cojones Awards. The segment was like a Real Time recap that revisited a handful of stories that have annoyed Maher.

Discussions about "cancel culture" get a little exhausting, but not for Real Time with Bill Maher. The host will continue to call out anyone he sees as too "politically correct" or sensitive. Nominees for the 2025 awards are officially under consideration.