11 actors we'd love to see make their SNL hosting debuts in season 50

With Saturday Night Live entering its 50th season, it's time for these eleven performers to make their hosting (and maybe musical) debut.
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Saturday Night Live's 50th season will be one of the most monumental moments in TV history. There aren’t many shows that have or ever will come close to that. Most are lucky to get past five. With this event happening, it’s time for new actors and actresses to step up and host.

Shockingly, performers like Brad Pitt and Whoopi Goldberg haven’t hosted SNL. Since this is an important moment in entertainment, certain performers like them should host. It would be an honor and an amazing memory for them to host SNL’s biggest season. If anyone should host for the first time, it’s these elite performers.

John David Washington, Denzel Washington
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Denzel and John David Washington

There’s never been a father-son duo to host Saturday Night Live. If it’s going to happen, it should be now and it must be Denzel and John David Washington. One is a legend and the other is on his way to being one. This episode would break live and streaming records. 

Ali Wong
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Ali Wong

Ali Wong went from being a phenomenal comedian to a household name and an Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning actress. We know she can be funny, so why shouldn’t she show off on the greatest sketch comedy show ever? 


Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Mostly because people don’t like intelligent outspoken people. It’s even worse when they can be funny while they do it. No matter how you feel about her, you can’t deny her talent. She’s a multiple-time best-selling author, entertaining talk show host, and accomplished comedian. It’s shocking she hasn’t been on Saturday Night Live. Hopefully, that will be rectified.

Chris Evans - Actor
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Chris Evans

Chris Evans can and has done it all. He’s starred in romantic comedies, been an elite comic book hero, and a fantastic villain, and remains an underrated actor. Hosting Saturday Night Live should be his next challenge. We can see how good he is without cuts and second takes.

Meryl Streep
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Meryl Streep

When people discuss the greatest performers of all time, don’t trust them if Meryl Streep isn’t on their list. There’s nothing she can’t do and it feels like she’d be up to prove that she can still outdo people younger than her. And while she may be known as a serious performer, don't forget her fantastic performances in Death Becomes Her and her recent appearance in Only Murders in the Building.

Roman Reigns

Every great wrestler with acting aspirations has to go on SNL. The Rock and John Cena killed their appearances and now it’s Roman Reigns’ turn. I couldn't say this five years ago. Since returning after 2020, he's improved as an actor and shown that he can improvise. He also isn’t phased by the bright lights of fame. Plus, he’s gorgeous. This sounds like the perfect person to host.

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There are people you’d be shocked that haven’t hosted SNL, but Zendaya should be at the top of the list. She’s beloved by people of all ages and walks of life, and she can do everything from drama to comedy to action. If that’s not enough, she’s an amazing singer too. That means she can host and be the musical guest too.

This writer can almost guarantee she’ll host Saturday Night Live this year. The casting team may have been plotting this for years. The plan could have been to wait until their 50th season to have her host.

Shaquille O'Neal
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Shaquille O'Neal

There aren’t many entertainers bigger than Shaq. Not just in stature (though, that’s true too). Shaquille O’Neil has been a star since his rookie year in the NBA in 1992. He’s continued to be funny and attention-grabbing by venturing into things like wrestling with World Wrestling Entertainment and All Elite Wrestling and becoming a successful DJ. Can he DJ and be the musical guest too?

With Inside the NBA going into its final season, bringing Shaq on could work as a way to promote their farewell tour. It’s also a chance for Shaq to stick it to his cohost, Charles Barkley by having a better appearance than him.

Dave Bautista
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Dave Bautista

Dave Bautista is the best wrestling actor ever and it’s not close. His not hosting Saturday Night Live and being this good at everything is a travesty. Look for that to change this year. Everyone seems to love him and he’s funny. Make this happen.

Leonardo DiCaprio
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Leonardo DiCaprio

Lastly, we come to the actor many think is the greatest ever. Leonardo DiCaprio’s career spans thirty years and with movies that everyone loves. It would be nice to see him do the one thing he hasn't before he rides into the sunset (whenever that is). The best part about this casting is the writers could put him in any sketch and he’d be great.

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