Who’s hosting Saturday Night Live tonight, November 11?

Saturday Night Live (Photo by: NBCUniversal)
Saturday Night Live (Photo by: NBCUniversal) /

Saturday Night Live returns after a brief hiatus. So who will SNL fans see take the stage and host the show tonight?

After rattling off three brand-new episodes to kick off Saturday Night Live season 49, the show was off the air last week. But even despite the holiday, SNL returns with a new show for November 11.

Actor Timothee Chalamet will host tonight, marking his second time with the honor. He’ll be joined by musical guest boygenius as the band makes its first appearance on Saturday Night Live.

Chalamet last hosted in 2020. His most memorable moment was perhaps opposite Pete Davidson as two obnoxious TikTok/Soundcloud rappers.

What to expect from Timothee Chalamet as host of Saturday Night Live tonight

Timothee Chalamet’s job as host of Saturday Night Live was made a little easier with the end of the SAG-AFTRA strike. Now, Chalamet is free to discuss his upcoming films Wonka and Dune: Part Two in a monologue if it makes sense.

When it comes time for the sketches, Chalamet already proved he’s game for anything. If he was willing to wear the fake tattoos and scream nonsense in the “Rap Roundtable” sketch his first time around, Chalamet should be just as game tonight.

His previous outing as host also showed Chalamet’s versatility when it comes to comedy. While “Rap Roundtable” was pretty broad, the “Tiny Horse” sketch was a little more niche. But Chalamet still nailed it and made it a no-brainer to get invited back.

SNL season 49 has gone big on cameos so far this season. Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift, John Mulaney, Fred Armisen, and Mick Jagger are just some of the names who have popped up.

Chalamet is a big enough star and he doesn’t need any help. But it wouldn’t be a surprise to see a fellow A-lister join in the fun, especially now that the strike is over.

Saturday Night Live airs tonight at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC and streams live on Peacock.